Cause I may be a fangirl but I'm perfectly good at it!

Yay panda!

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When I watched Night Watch I was like

But after I read the first book I'm like


I can write essays on the book and Anton is so presh,let me love you! I love how Khabesky basically played the drunk version of Anton but the scene where he write Egor's name on the board made me cry ;A; The ending also made me cry even though that didn't happen in the book. I think that Khabesky is one charming mofo even though he's not pretty but I'd totally hit it if I could. Him and Chadov #sexualfrustration
I have rewatched the first movie three times already,I can't get enough! The second was more fun because of the bodies swapping and the party. But Egor was such a dick! Poor Anton <3


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