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Winter is coming
I wish this post was about GoT but it isn't. It's about the scholarship I was supposed to get for my grades. Guess what! I won't get it. I was fourth in line but since the first two girls were rich as fuck, the next two girls were supposed to get it. Today I went to ask when I'll receive my paycheck because my cousin who also got the scholarship already received the money. And the secretary was like "Oh yeah,it's you. Uhm there was a problem in your case and one of the first girl objected and got the scholarship instead of you. How come we didn't reach you, I'm sure we called". If I wasn't so shocked that time I'd probably slap that bitch. They knew this since February and nobody called me to inform me that I won't get any money. So I called in the national foundation's office and asked to explain what the fuck happened and I'm out. They told me that the first girl's grades were over 8.50. In this case whatever your parents income is doesn't matter, you still get the money.

1.400€. For a girl whose parents' income was over 50.000€, which means that probably both of her parents worked and had good salaries. Both my parents don't work and their income is under 17.000€. But they gave the money to her, because she had good grades. I'm not blaming the girl for studying hard and receiving a prize. Give her a fucking honor's title, why are you giving her money when she's already rich? Give the money to someone who needs it. To someone who would use this money to pay for IELTS exams, for applications' fees, for surviving in this country for another two semesters till she gets her diploma.

This is so unfair.

And the thing that hurts the most is that I'd use the money to study in Ukraine for a month. I'd do something for me once. But the money I have won't allow me to do anything.

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Sorry, I completely spazzed out and remembered to read this only now.

It's really sucky that they hadn't made sure that you had gotten the information. :/ And sucks that you didn't get the scholarship.

Fucking greek public services! It does, it messed up all my plans :/ And this year was supposed to be better.

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